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This page is dedicated to all of the photographers who have helped support Kenyon's Grist Mill throughout the years.

Thank you
Karen T. Bartlett, Chet Browning, Karen Cooke, Michelle Darensbourg, Jerry Horbert, Lisa Jayne Konopka / Timeless Journey Photography, Paul Kandarian, Hank Randall / Randall Photography, Jennifer Reardon / Jennifer Reardon Photography, Jacqueline Taylor, Judi Wood, and Stephen C. Wood / DocWood!

Do you have any photos to share?  Contact us here and let us know.  You may also call us at 800-7-KENYON.  Photography is always needed!  We include photo credits and would love to insert your website link or contact information. 

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Jerry Horbert

Homepage - here 
Chet Browning
Serving Johnny Cakes
Karen Cooke 
Mill during the Johnny Cake Festival

Hank Randall - website
Paul Drumm Jr. & Paul Drumm III
Kenyon's Grist Mill Products
Jennifer Reardon   - website  

Judi Wood
Musicians - Farm Dog
Mill Shop

Stephen C. Wood - website
Munroe Dairy's Myra MooCow
Queen's River Foliage

About Us Page - here
Hank Randall   - website
Paul Drumm Jr. & Paul Drumm III

Photo Gallery Page - here
Hank Randall  - website
All color photos

Mill Events - here
Michelle Darensbourg - website
Grinding Corn
Johnny Cakes Cooking

Chet Browning
Serving Johnny Cakes
Karen Cooke
Kayak Group
Mill Building
Tour of Mill
Updike's Newtowne Coffee
Kakaying on Queen's River
Yellow & White Tent
Couple by Waterfall
Mill Shop
Young Kenyon's Fans

Community Fairs Page - here
Karen Cooke
All photos

Group Tours Page - here
Jacqui Taylor
Mill in the Spring
Chet Browning
Touching the Texture of Corn Meal
Couple Watching the Grinding

Stephen C. Wood  - website
 Karen Cooke
Cooking Johnny Cakes
Tour & Hopper
Queen's River
Group under Tent
Grist Mill Store
group Smiling
Corn Muffins

Flood 2010 Page - here
Karen Cooke
All photos unless specified

Richard Place
Flood, Day 2 - Front of Mill
Jennifer Reardon  - website  
Johnny Cake Festival - Crowd in Hen Yard
Johnny Cake Festival - Crowd Crossing Street
Johnny Cake Festival - Sluiceway and Tree
Johnny Cake Festival - People on Dock
Johnny Cake Festival - Crowd on Old Usquepaugh Road
Johnny Cake Festival - Waterfall

Lightfoot's Pine Soap Page - here
Images Design: Wakefield, Rhode Island
Lightfoot's Pine Soap Box

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