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Note to those with certain allergies
Kenyon's Grist Mill grinds wheat and corn products, as well as keep dry milk products to be used in our mixes.
Therefore, all Kenyon's Grist Mill products may have traces of wheat, corn, or milk.

Grinding Fresh to Order ~ Shipping Time & Cost
We also want our customers to enjoy the freshest products available.  It is our high priority that your order gets to you as quickly as possible.  Many times, we grind fresh to order, and have limited items in stock at all times.  Please allow us up to 7-14 business days to process, manufacture, and ship your order, as well as appropriate transit time.  UPS shipping time varies, while USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping is 1-3 business days.  Please also note, that due to recent term changes, any charge made through PayPal can be held by PayPal for up to 20 days and we cannot process your order until it is released.

Please call the mill at 800-7-KENYON if you have any questions or time concerns. 

Since we want to keep our loyal customers happy across the nation, we try very hard to provide the lowest shipping cost possible and only charge what it costs us without charging a handling fee. Some orders may also fit into a medium or large flat rate box through USPS.  We often recommend ordering multiple items so that the shipping will be less expensive per package.  Please look below for other methods.

Other Shipping Options
Depending on size/weight, quantity, and location, UPS can be more expensive than other shipping methods.  For your convenience, we have listed fixed Priority Flat Rate shipping options for certain order groups.  If you select any one of these shipping options, your order MUST fit the description of the special shipping, otherwise, your order WILL BE DELAYED, as we will need to contact you.  Although your order goes through on the website, we do not charge you until we process the order in the office by hand.  SELECTING A CHEAPER SHIPPING when your order DOES NOT FIT that category does not ultimately permit cheaper shipping.  When we receive the order in house, we need to call you to authorize a different shipping method, as your order will not fit.  Please select the right shipping if you chose flat rate.  It is one less phone call we need to make and we want to continue to provide these shipping options for our customers.  Thank you!!   

Medium Flat Rate: Lightfoot's Pine Soap, Up to 10 bars = $14.00
Large Flat Rate: Lightfoot's Pine Soap, Up 30 bars = $18.75
Medium Flat Rate: Kenyon's Products - 1 to 1.5 pound boxes/bags, Up to 6 = $14.00
Large Flat Rate: Kenyon's Products - 1 to 1.5 pound boxes/bags, Up to 12 = $18.75

Visit Kenyon's Grist Mill Shop
Skip shipping altogether and visit us!  If you happen to be able to take the drive, it is well worth it.  We are nestled in a beautiful location.  Directions and hours of operation are listed here.

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