The Shop has Re-Opened for Weekends ~ Visit Us!
Our current hours of operation for the mill and shop are weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Additional shop hours are Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. until December 28.  We are closed on national holidays and are closed or have limited staff during the annual, community fairs we participate in.  These fun events across southern New England are where we cook our famous chowder and clam cakes (using our very own stone ground yellow corn meal).  For a list of dates and locations, as well as information on events at the mill, click here.   Visit the mill during our Summer Tour Weekend & Kayaking Event on July 19 & 20 and our Autumn Tour Weekend with Clam Cakes & Chowder Event on October 18 & 19.  Both events include free parking right at the mill.  Enjoy free tours, Johnny Cake samples, demonstrations, and more.  Unfortunately, the October event will be taking place of the Johnny Cake Festival this year.  For more information on the Johnny Cake Festival, visit  If you are interested in kayaking during the spring or summer months in some of the most beautiful rivers in southern Rhode Island, visit

May Breakfast Time is Near!
May 1st (and/or usually the first weekend in May) is a celebration of spring with food on your plate!  This is a bustling time of year when thousands of citizens and tourists across the Ocean State will spring out of bed and run to churches, granges, fire stations, community centers, museums, clubs, schools, coffee shops, and restaurants across the state.  What started 145 years ago, is now a Rhode Island tradition; a feast with neighbors and friends And what’s better than to celebrate with a heaping pile of pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs, muffins, ham, doughnuts, sausage and bacon on your plate.  And if that’s not enough, top it off with baked beans, pie, clam cakes, coffee, pasta, chicken, and cornbread!  If you’re visiting Rhode Island, plan to get stuffed!  Although May Breakfasts may be different wherever you go, one thing remains…May Breakfasts are not complete without the tradition of Johnny Cakes! 

Creating your own May Breakfast at home?  Browse our online store, or visit the shop at the mill.  We’ve got variety of wholesome pancakes mixes, corn muffin mix, Johnny Cake meal, bread mixes, jams, and other meals and flours.  Holding a May Breakfast at your establishment?  Save money by ordering direct at wholesale by calling 800-7-KENYON.

About Kenyon's Grist Mill
A grist mill is a grain mill that turns whole berries of grain or whole kernels of corn into meal or flour.  At Kenyon's Grist Mill, we still do it the old-fashioned way and continue to use the original granite millstones quarried from Westerly, RI.  These huge stones produce the exceptional texture and quality not found in modern, steel ground flours.  Single pass stone grinding also preserves the vital, natural nutrition of the grains.  Kenyon’s offers the ingredients that health conscious consumers are searching for - ground the simple, old-fashioned way of long ago.  To place an online order, please click here.  We ship across the country!

Our building is nestled along the banks of the Queen's River in the village of Usquepaugh.  We are the oldest manufacturing business in Rhode Island, and the second oldest continuously operating business in the state.  Although our current building dates back to 1886, we've been grinding meals & flours continuously on site since 1696.  Our most popular items are White Corn Meal (or Johnny Cake Meal), Clam Cake Mix, Pancake Mixes, Corn Bread & Muffin Mix, Brown Bread Mix, as well as a variety of other meals, flours and other mixes.  We encourage you to read about the difference between genuine stone ground products and steel ground products here.  

Kenyon's Grist Mill is regularly inspected by the Rhode Island Department of Health and the FDA.  This qualifies us to ship throughout the country and stand behind our products' excellence.  Customers have sought Kenyon's products for generations because of our honesty, dependability, and high standards.  We take pride in doing business the right way and feel honored to be preserving a piece of Rhode Island's history.  Kenyon's Grist Mill is always looking for new sources of locally grown grain, especially the rare crop of Rhode Island Flint Corn.  Although we try very hard to purchase our grains as local as possible, it is also important to consider the farming methods used.  As always, we do not use, or source grain with any additives, pesticides or preservatives.  For more updates on what we are doing, make sure you follow us on facebook here.

In Loving Memory of Paul Drumm Jr. (June 9, 1930 - December 14, 2013)
Paul Drumm Jr. bought Kenyon's Grist Mill in 1971.  He was truly a caretaker of a Rhode Island tradition.


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