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Listed below are some of the more popular questions we get here at the mill.  If you do not find the answer you are looking for please call us at 800-7-KENYON or email us at Kenyonsgm@gmail.com.

If I have a wheat allergy (Celiac) are your products safe?
No.  Unfortunately for people with severe allergies, our products may contain a trace amount of wheat.  We use the same millstone to grind both wheat and corn products.  Additionally, because we package wheat products, trace dust may wander into your presumed safe corn meal or any other product.  The same goes for those allergic to honey or milk.  We use both ingredients in a dry form for our mixes so trace elements may be present in our products.

What is the difference between Johnny Cake Corn Meal and White Corn Meal?
The simple answer is there is no difference.  The two products are exactly the same however, since outside of Rhode Island many folks are unaware of the fabulous Johnny Cake, we sell it under the more common name of White Corn Meal.  Keep in mind though that although you can use our Johnny Cake white corn meal in any recipe calling for white corn meal, you cannot use any white corn meal to make a Johnny Cake!

How many Clam Cakes, Johnny Cakes, or Pancakes can I make with... 
This can be loaded question, as a lot depends on the consistency of your batter and the size you make these tasty treats.  You may use the following as a general guide.  A one pound box of Clam Cake Mix will make about 3-4 dozen fritters.  One cup of Johnny Cake White Corn Meal makes about 8-10 Johnny Cakes.  There is a little more than 3 cups of Johnny Cake Corn Meal per pound.  For pancakes, a 24oz bag will make 3 breakfasts of 8-10 pancakes.

Where do you sell your products?
Kenyon products can be purchased on site at the mill or across the street in the shop during business hours.  For a list of purveyors, click here.  Keep in mind, we cannot guarantee availability of all products at these stores.

When are you open?  Are there tours?  Can I visit the mill?
The office is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are closed on most major holidays.  Our holiday weekend shop hours are Saturday & Sunday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.  You may come by during this time to purchase Kenyon product or call to place an order.  We may not always be next to the phone, so please leave a message so we can get back to you.  Our tours are by appointment or chance.  Our mill employs 4 very talented, “jack-of-all trade” people who always have a lot on their plate.  During the busy seasons of May - December, it can be difficult to shut down the task at hand to give a tour.  Visiting in January - April is your best chance of finding someone able to take some time to talk about what we do.  The mill is a beautiful place to visit, so even if we cannot personally show you around, bring the camera for shots of our waterfall, historic building, and the Queen's River.  Don't forget to visit us during our Spring Festival, Summer Festival & Harvest Festival in 2010.  These are weekend events you don't want to miss!  Free Admission, Free Tours, Free Johnny Cakes & Free Food Samples & More... 

I'm a Kenyon - do you have any history on the Kenyon family?
The last Kenyon Family to own the mill was Archibald Kenyon who sold the mill to William Sykes in 1954.  Archie Kenyon had taken ownership of the mill after the death of his father Charles in 1938. Charles D. Kenyon purchased the mill in 1909 and the mill has kept his name ever since.  Kenyon is quite the popular last name in Southern Rhode Island and there is even a village that has Kenyon as its name.  Unfortunately we are in the business of grinding corn and not the ancestry of our prior owners, so we have limited information on the Kenyon family.

Do you have Flint Corn Meal?
We will be grinding some soon!  At times, we do manage to get enough to grind and put up a few cases.  Flint Corn Meal is the variety of corn first believed to be used by the Indians to make the original Johnny Cake.  It is extremely limited.  Since we source without the used of pesticides or pre-emergent, the supply is even scarcer.  While there is a desire to use the exact corn strain to make your Johnny Cakes, we have found no taste difference between Flint Corn and White Corn Meal.  Flint Corn, unlike White Corn, produces one ear of corn per stalk, compared to 3 or more on a stalk of White Corn, therefore making white corn meal much more affordable for farmers to grow.  It is quite difficult to grow true Flint Corn as well, since the field must not receive any cross pollination from any other variety of corn. 

How can I tell the age of your product?
We use a code date on all products packaged at Kenyon’s Grist Mill.  The code consists of 3 digits and can be found on the back of all boxes, on the bottom of all small bags, and on the front of all large bags.  The first digit represents the year the product was made.  The second two digits represent the week of the year the product was made.  For example, a product stamped 704 was made during the 4th week of 2007.  The higher the number, the fresher the product.  Products will last indefinitely when stored in the refrigerator. 

How long does your product last?
The answer in indefinite.  We suggest all Stone Ground products be kept cool, preferably in the refrigerator.  We use no additives or preservatives so keeping it cool is the way to go.  Most stores place our product on the shelves, and not in a refrigerated area.  This is okay for a few months, as long as the Stone Ground product is not subject to a lot of heat.  Warmth lets the germination cycle of the miller's meal moth to begin: the eggs are naturally on every grain and will grow into a "worm", this worm will soon make a webby cocoon, and eventually emerge as a meal moth.  The moth then will mate and die off in the next 48 hours.  In the more frugal eras of our past, the webs would be sifted out, as they do not "contaminate" the meal; however in our modern era most people will promptly discard their meal!  Adding pesticide to our ingredient list is not an option here at Kenyon's, so please keep your cool, keep your Stone Ground products cool, and enjoy!

Why are your shipping costs so high?
Almost all shipping companies, including UPS, the Post Office, and FedEx, base their shipping costs on weight.  The more something weighs, the more it costs.  So even though a five pound bag of mix costs around $14.00, it usually costs at least $8.00 to ship it.  The US Post Office has begun a new shipping program called Flat Rate, and as its name implies, you pay a flat rate, regardless of the weight as long as it fits inside the box they provide for this service.  We have determined you can fit up to 3 large bags or six smaller bags into this box.  Ironically, you can spend $1,000.00 on a necklace and because it only weighs a few ounces, its shipping cost will be less than any item on our website.

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