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Genuine Stone Ground vs. Steel Ground

Stone ground products are much healthier than steel ground products because the vital quality and nutrition of the grain is preserved.  Although the modern steel grinding process is much faster, the grain is usually sprayed with a pesticide to lengthen its shelf life.  It is then processed through a series of rollers that strip the grain's layers, removing the outer layer first and then several layers of bran.  The next step is the removal of the very important, but oily germ.  Once removed, the remaining portion, the endosperm (center potion of the grain) is ground under steel friction producing a tremendous amount of heat.  This heat cooks the nutrients and minerals out of it.  After being ground and sieved several times, it becomes a highly refined flour.  Often times, the flour is "Enriched" by adding various lost nutrients and it is reconstituted to make a “Whole Grain”.  Steel ground grain can be legally called, "Stone Ground" if it passed through any type of stone during this process.  At Kenyon's Grist Mill, all whole grains are passed through the millstones once with little or no temperature increase.  This traditional process produces some of the finest meals and flours available today.  Take a tour of the mill - here.  Go back to the homepage here. 

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