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"Where can I find your products near me?"  

This seems to be our most popular and ongoing customer service question.  Although our customers enjoy the convenience of ordering online direct, many want to support their local businesses that purchase Kenyon's products, while also saving money on the absence of shipping costs. 

 In this section, not only are we helping our customers find our products locally, but we are also promoting the establishments that, in turn, support us.  Organized by state and region in the links above, these lists include businesses that have ordered within one year...some regularly...some seasonally.  If you are traveling a good distance, it is best to call the business about the product’s availability before venturing.  Since this section is new, we will be adding more businesses throughout the year.

Would you like our products in your favorite store or restaurant? 
Talk to the owner or manager, and let them know that you would like to purchase our products at their establishment regularly.  Are Johnny Cakes or Clam Cakes not on the menu?  Talk to the chef, waitress, or manager and tell them you would like to order them often.  Kenyon’s Grist Mill also makes a variety of genuine Stone Ground Pancake Mixes, Corn Muffin Mix, White/Yellow/Red/Blue Corn Meal, and other Mixes and Flours that surpass the standards of quality, taste and nutrition. 

Are you interested in selling or using our all natural products in your store or restaurant?  
We would love to send you a wholesale catalog, answer any of your questions, and start promoting your establishment to our customers and visitors.  Call us at 800-7-KENYON, or request a wholesale catalog  here  

NOTE: These lists are not up to date.  We will be updating this section soon.  

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