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Rhode Island Flint Jonny Cake Meal - 24 oz (1.5 Pound) Bag

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Johnny Cakes are a Rhode Island tradition, and displaced Rhode Islanders have helped increase their notoriety far beyond our tiny state.  The heated debate over the proper way to cook them has been going on for years.  Johnny Cakes are a mix of white corn with a dash of sugar and salt, combined with milk or water and cooked on a griddle. 

"Jonny Cakes" spelled without an "h" proves that the corn meal was grown and ground in Rhode Island.  As always, Kenyon's Grist Mill tries to purchase grains as local as possible.  We do not use, or source grain with any additives, pesticides or preservatives. 

What makes this grain so unique?  It is the original variety of white corn grown in New England.  It was introduced to the settlers by the Native Americans.  Traditionally, each stalk bore a single, six inch, eight row cob of corn.  Today, the flint corn is not widely cultivated due to its weak growing characteristics.  A few hard core traditional farmers still harvest a very limited quantity.  Kenyon's Grist Mill is proud to take part in bringing this rare delicacy to your table.  Enjoy!

Stone Ground Rhode Island White Cap Indian Flint Corn Meal

Allergy Warning
May contain traces of wheat and milk

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